Minimal Audio Releases Flex Chorus

Hot on the heels of Current, Flex Chorus, a “prismatic chorus effect,” is Minimal Audio’s latest plugin.

Minimal Audio’s new Flex Chorus has two algorithm modes: Glass mode for a “clean and modern” chorus and Smooth mode for more classic deep modulation. Both offer up to 24 voices.

The GUI is in keeping with Minimal Audio‘s usual look and, like the name, is rather minimal. You have controls for delay time, feedback amount, and stereo width. You also have a modulation panel, where users can use the LFO to modulate depth, rate, and randomization. 

There are also high and low pass filters, through which you can apply Flex Chorus to a chosen frequency band of the frequency spectrum.

Main Features of Flex Chorus

  • State-of-the-art algorithms: Choose between two unique modes: Smooth mode utilizes human frequency perception to achieve an exceptionally deep and rich sound. In contrast, Glass mode employs a modern multi-stage approach to produce glistening stereo effects.
  • Supercharged voices: With up to 24 voices and independent controls for time and modulation depth, Flex Chorus is capable of producing everything from massive unison effects to precise stereo enhancement.
  • Seamless integration: Blend Flex Chorus into your tracks using onboard multi-band and filtering controls, effortlessly preserving your low-end, achieving a super-wide high-end, and much more.

Pricing: Flex Chorus is available as a standalone product with a perpetual license for $49.

It also has an intro price of $29.

The plugin is also available in Minimal Audio’s All Access plan. Find out more.

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21st March, 2024