MNTRA, GPU Audio & Outer Echo Set To Drop ‘Living Sky’

Living Sky is a spatial reverb plugin driven to reimagine three-dimensional spatial audio production.

The collaboration brings together MNTRA’s experience with virtual instruments and GPU Audio’s unique audio processing capabilities, alongside Outer Echo’s excellence in providing DSP solutions for unconventional spatial applications.

Living Sky promises to be an extensive universe of living acoustic spaces that expands the capacity to effect and transform sound. Within it, acoustic sources become transformable spatial sound instruments. While some reverb plugins allow for simple motion within a space, Living Sky brings motion to the space itself – creating dynamic and expressive audio processing that expands and transforms organically.

The notion is the three companies are bringing physically impossible reverberation effects to the future of music, games, and immersive experiences. The upcoming release allows decoding in multiple formats, including Stereo, Binaural, 5.1, 7.1, 7.1.2, 7.1.4, 9.1.6, 22.2,  and Ambisonics. The plugin also comes armed with a wide variety of presets, options, and content collections.

The ambition is for Living Sky to become a market leader among spatial reverb plug-ins, combining up to 5th-order Ambisonics processing with newly developed proprietary extended-range ultrasonic convolution technology. This groundbreaking blend delivers unprecedented channel counts and enables a level of spatialization that has never been possible before.

The release comes at an interesting time for producers as recently Apple Music has announced it will pay artists higher royalties for music made available in spatial audio. Starting in January, artists can receive a 10 per cent higher royalty rate for spatial audio music.

Living Sky Tech Specs

  • High project sample rate support (up to 192 kHz)
  • Up to 64 inputs/outputs
  • Extended-range ultrasonic resolution
  • Three-dimensional performable interface
  • Up to 5th-order Ambisonics resolution
  • Up to 15 simultaneous, dynamically-modulated reverb spaces
  • Hundreds of simultaneous convolution channels (powered by GPU)

About GPU Audio

GPU Audio is focused on leveraging your graphics card to speed up music production processing. You can read more about them on Attack.

About Outer Echo

Outer Echo develops innovative architectures for spatial audio signal processing at the highest quality level possible. Find out more on their website.


Founded by multi-award-winning composer & sound alchemist Brian D’Oliveira, MNTRA are the tech innovation lab at La Hacienda Creative. They focus on exploring new approaches to creating music and sound design tools. Find out more on their website.

Living Sky will be released later this year. Sign up for notifications on the GPU Audio website.

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30th January, 2024