Monique Barry Drops Visuals For “GONE+EAGLES”

Singer-songwriter Monique Berry dropped a 7-minute long art project called “GONE+EAGLES.” On the double single, Monique Berry grapples with her personal loss and disappointment she has experienced in the past. Wracked with grief and suffering, she channels her emotions in the recently released music video. The visuals, just like the uniquely released track, includes two parts: GONE and EAGLE. The collection cycles through various moods, samples, effects, and sound palettes, which exposes how versatile Monique Berry is. “GONE+EAGLES” is a ball of kinetic energy,  which weaves her vocals into a rich and thrilling beat. The single might be rooted in darkness, but “GONE+EAGLES” is a success that lies in the clarity of vision that Monique Berry has found in her artistry.