"Monxxed" Added To Urban Dictionary & The Definition Is Absolutely Hilarious

Dubstep producer and DJ Monxx has been catching so much flak from followers this 12 months after cancelling a number of performances; supply his merchandise has additionally been delayed, although Monxx that was not finally his fault.

Still, his title has been dragged by way of the mud till we’ve lastly come thus far: ‘monxxed‘ has ficially been accepted as a time period on Urban Dictionary (submitted by Loki Reis da Silva), which means:

  1. To cancel on plans or an obligation, normally final minute.
  2. To cancel on a deliberate occasion with out prior and/or legit discover. Can contain refusal to repay tender obtained for stated occasion and requires lack empathy for individuals anticipating your arrival. (In regards to the standard conduct artist, Monxx)

"Monxxed" Added To Urban Dictionary & The Definition Is Absolutely Hilarious"Monxxed" Added To Urban Dictionary & The Definition Is Absolutely Hilarious

From a standpoint distant, that is completely hilarious, a sound “retaliation” in opposition to a DJ who has wasted followers’ money and time. From a way more important standpoint, we’re approaching a harmful stage cyberbullying.

If, as dance music followers, we’re actually so involved concerning the psychological well being the DJs we admire, then this sort conduct is an entire antithesis that ethos. At some stage, Monxx have to be held personally chargeable for his actions – or lack there – however on the similar time, there’s been no assist system laid down for him by followers, nor try to raised perceive the reasoning behind his cancellations.

At the top the day, a DJ’s profession is both made or damaged by their followers. The means it's proper now, Monxx is going through a steep decline and it’s going to take so much work to make it again up.