Moonchild Sanelly shares new single and video, ‘Scrambled Eggs’: Watch

Moonchild Sanelly's latest single is titled 'Scrambled Eggs'. Watch the video below.

The South African artist has collaborated with producer Johan Hugo on the new track, ushering in her next album coming later this year. She shares the culinary inspiration for the track: "When I started staying in the GOOD hotels, I noticed how the world is obsessed with avo and eggs for breakfast. It became a thing... you get avo & eggs for breakfast at the good places..." 

Moonchild Sanelly also said there's a professional-milestone meaning behind. "My writing recently has been me at my most humble, and 'Scrambled Eggs' is me reminding everyone: By the way, I AM that bitch! I’m a multi-passport artist travelling the world in custom designs and doing it all on my terms", she said in a press release. "And I’m really f**king proud of that."

'Scrambled Eggs' and its video, directed by Jabu Nadia Newman, also extends the theme of her 2022 single 'Chicken' which also asked the impossible question, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?"

More details about the follow-up LP to 2022's 'Phases', which featured the singles 'Strip Club' with Ghetts, 'April Fool's Day (Makahambe)', 'Cute' with Trillary Banks and 'Chicken', will be revealed soon.

Last October, Moonchild Sanelly collaborated with Ghetts on 'Laps', the lead single to his latest album 'On Purpose, With Purpose'. 

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Watch the video for 'Scrambled Eggs'.