Moontricks’ Debut Album “Currents” Speaks to Surrendering to the Divine

Like many, Nathan Gurley and Sean Rodman of Moontricks draw their creative inspiration from the world around them.

However, very few artists have the luxury of tapping into the rustic Kootenay mountains of Western Canada. This distinction has most certainly made a mark on the ever-evolving duo, who curate an electro folk sound like none other.

Delivering an intricate aural experience that intersects somewhere between grassroots blues, wistful soul and what they've coined "boot-stomping bass," Moontricks have their own signature style.

While the barnstorming duo have been producing music as a tandem for over a decade, the two have only released singles and a handful of EPs, including 2012's The Ignition, Home—arguably their most popular with fans—as well as Backwoods Bass in 2019.

Now, the time has come for a full-length album. Moontrick's highly anticipated debut LP, Currents, is out today via Westwood Recordings.

The lead single was revealed in April, marking the first glimpse of Moontricks' forthcoming collection—unbeknownst to fans at that time. Aptly titled "Forest Of My Soul," the tune speaks to the uncertainty one may face during a period of deep transformation. 

“It's about being lost and searching to find solace in the natural world outside of our own confines.” Gurley explains. “‘Forest Of My Soul’ holds true to our respect and reverence for the natural world and the inspiration we draw from it and our rural beginnings.”

With this dedication at top of mind, Moontricks retreated to the mountains of Argenta, their hometown, to record and film a live unplugged version of "Forest of my Soul." 

You can check out the official video below, filmed by Simon Shave and Ty Theoret.

The second look was revealed with “Parting Ways,” a track featuring multi-instrumentalist and producer KR3TURE. Together, they created a soundscape fitted with soulful vocals atop soft guitar riffs and bass. Akin to Moontricks' style, there are subtle infusions of banjo and harmonica riffs, too.

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Moontricks' Debut Album "Currents" Speaks to Surrendering to the Divine

The highly anticipated album is out now via Westwood Recordings.

According to the artists, this track tackles “contemplation of severing ties with falsehoods and darkness while sifting through the impossible paradox of discerning the many shades of right and wrong. On the journey of shifting and letting go of any preconceived notions, the goodbye is never easy.” 

Touching on some symbolism, "Embers" connects to the concept of a phoenix obtaining new life and rising from the ashes. But before achieving that level of liberation, one must first undergo a shedding or burning of outdated thought patterns. As Rodman eloquently notes: "Sitting with a fire and mulling through the shadows of the mind, deep in the night.”

“The Edge,” a collaborative track with Dirtwire, is an amalgamation of electric guitar and glitched out, yet enchanting vocals, producing a gritty anthem for change. The theme is a natural turning point in the listeners journey, being placed in the middle of the album.

The latest single released ahead of the full album, “Animals,” is an ode to the divine feminine. Consisting of raw acoustic strings and haunting choral sections, this song resonates with the inner animal within all of us, learning to embrace both the masculine and feminine polarities.

Following suit, "Birdtimes" instills a feeling of release and acceptance. Then the titular track, "Currents" takes the concept one step further, confirming the importance of learning to surrender to the divine order of the natural world. The lyrics affirm: "I don't need my direction anymore / I've tried so hard to fight it / I'm tired of being flighted."

Cover art for "Currents" by Moontricks.

Cover art for "Currents" by Moontricks.

"Merlot" marks a celebration of sorts, coming out of the darkness and landing on the other side with a lust for life. With this newfound sense of self, there comes a desire to make changes and set boundaries to resolve the "Dark Matter."

Winding down, "Ballet In The Underground" and "Waves" remind Moontricks' fans to make peace with the process. Like the tide, there will always be the inevitable rise and fall in life.

You can stream Currents across streaming platforms here.

Tomorrow night in Vancouver, Moontricks will kick off their album tour with an official album release party. Thereafter, you can catch the duo on tour with support from KR3TURE and Mark Woodyard. 

Moontricks' "Currents" album tour, part one.

Moontricks' "Currents" album tour, part one.