MPC-style sampler and synth for kids released by Blipblox

Playtime Engineering — the musical instrument company that designs products to introduce electronic music production to children — has returned with a new crowd-funded product on Kickstarter called Blipblox MyTracks.

The new colourful kit resembles an MPC with 16 pads, 48 built-in instrument sounds, FX like reverb and delay, two kid-friendly levers to control parameters, and the ability to layer, arrange, record and save complete songs.

The MyTracks even features its own built-in microphone so kids — and adults — can create their own samples on the device, before pitching them down or sequencing a la MPC or any pad-based sampler. You can add FX to samples, or load pre-existing ones to layer on your own recordings. There are also five chunky control knobs to get more intricate with your editing and tweaking.

As Playtime Engineering is keen to point out, the MyTracks isn’t just for kids, and features a five-pin MIDI DIN connection for hooking up to your hardware kit, and built-in speakers and battery power for sofa-based jamming.

The MyTracks is being made in limited amounts and will be available for early bird pricing soon. You can sign up for more info on the Playtime Engineering website. The crowdfunding campaign starts on April 9th.

Blipblox released another synth and drum sampler for kids back in 2020 called Blipblox After Dark which was designed to teach children synthesis.