Mr. Carmack’s “Hometown Heroes” EP Is Controlled Chaos

Mr. Carmack stays grounded on his home turf with his latest EP, HOMETOWN HEROES.

Picking up right where his last long-form project, CHAOS, left off, Carmack remains predictably unpredictable throughout his latest EP.

The San Francisco-born producer was feeling particularly collaborative on his latest effort, teaming up with Dilip, AbJo and more. And he certainly had no trouble finding his people at the blended nexus of hip-hop, soul and trap. 

The result marks one of the renowned producer's most dynamic releases in recent times. Rising out of disparate static pulses, the steady tick of crisp hi-hats and spritely arpeggiated blips serve as a sonic trojan horse for the trap-centric opener, "GOD (MUSIC)," which features a chunky bassline paired with mind-melting distortion effects.

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Mr. Carmack's "Hometown Heroes" EP Is Controlled Chaos

Mr. Carmack always knows how to keep listeners guessing.

The EP then takes a bit of a breather with the subsequent "FORTALEZA," a jazzy offering with sweeping percussive elements and a pleasantly uplifting ambience. The back-and-forth between the remaining two tracks plays out similarly as the smooth lyrical prowess of Jordan Dennis on the titular track contrasts with "PARANA," a record that slowly descends into controlled chaos at the exit with frenetic vocal chops and clattering metallic synths.

Listen to Carmack's full sonic rollercoaster of an EP below and stream it here.