Nesa Azadikhah releases new single, ‘Out of sight out of mind’: Listen

Tehran-based DJ and producer Nesa Azadikhah has released a new single, 'Out of sight out of mind'.

Marking the latest release from Iranian label Coolkidz, the techno-centred two-tracker is said to explore themes of memory, loss and longing.

A press statement about the record shared by Cookidz said: "Each track tells a story of someone that has faded from view, but not from the heart. Whether it's a former lover, a distant friend, or a forgotten dream, these songs capture the emotions that linger when we can't see what we desire."

The single is available to listen to and purchase via Coolkidz's Bandcamp page. You can also listen to its two tracks below.

Azadikhah runs the Apranik Records label together with AIDA. Last year, DJ Mag premiered Emsho's track 'Down Time', which featured on a 10-track compilation released by the imprint and inspired by Iranian women's fight for freedom.

Last year, DJ Mag published a feature exploring Iranian electronic musicians around the world, spotlighting a number of prominent artists, including Azadikhah.