New York’s Mister Saturday Night announces 15-cassette box set featuring Avalon Emerson, Aurora Halal, more

A 15-cassette box set has been unveiled to mark 15 years of celebrated New York party Mister Saturday Night. 

The collection will go on sale via Bandcamp Wednesday 17th January 2024, with pre-orders available now. Artists including Avalon Emerson, Aurora Halal, Ash Lauryn, Tama Sumo, OK Williams, CCL, and Physical Therapy have contributed to the sprawling collection in one way or another. 

The trove of music contains a number of rare event recordings, such as the first ever live show Floating Points performed in the US, a 2010 set from Optimo with Sal P from Liquid Liquid on the mic, and Suso Sáiz playing at the deep listening series Planetarium, which is also run by Mister Saturday Night founders Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin (pictured)

Established in 2009, Mister Saturday Night started life in downtown New York before switching to lofts, DIY spaces, warehouses and other locations in Brooklyn a few months later. Three years after inception, a companion session, Mister Sunday, began in a back yard on the banks of the Gowanus Canal. By 2015 the team had established one of the city's most respected electronic music institutions, Nowadays, which quickly grew from sometime grassroots party spot into a revered club, with indoor and outdoor areas, a community hub, restaurant and bar.