Newfangled Audio Unveil  ‘Recirculate’: A Polyrhythmic Feedback Delay

The company behind Pendulate and Generate returns with Recirculate – a distilled essence of what a feedback echo should be.

Recirculate is imagining what a delay plugin should be. It’s not just a delay plugin; by reducing plugin baggage, it aims to be “the perfect tool” for adding depth and dimension to your mixes.

On-Beat – Off Beat

Recirculate offers new rhythmic options ‘on-beat’ or ‘off-beat’. How the plugin does this is it fixes the first echo to respond to the setting. For a subtle shuffle feel, you can set a downbeat echo with dotted repeats. Alternatively, an eighth note first echo with a quarter note repeats for a straight echo on the upbeats.

Focus on What You Hear

Recirculate focuses on controls you can hear, whereas most delay plug-ins attempt to recreate specific technologies, such as a delay plugin emulating hardware such as Waves H-Delay.

As the company explains – you can dial in filters, drive, compression, and reverb right from the front panel. “Does it sound just like a piece of gear from 1963? Who cares, it sounds like you.

Getting it to glue into the mix

Delay and reverb are two of the most important tools for adding glue and a sense of space. But it can be a challenge to get them to fit right. Recirculate adds features like a transient control, ducking, gating, and filtering to give you confidence in adding depth and dimension to your mix without taking up too much space.

More than one character

Feedback delay gets applied repeatedly, with each repeat, adding a bucketload of character to the effect. Recirculate has 7 overdivable character options. These are 4 noise options: a compressor, modulation, granular delay, and a reverb, all of which get applied to each repeat.

Features at a glance

  • Dual Time Control: Manipulate initial delays and repeats independently for unparalleled rhythmic diversity.
  • Simple Yet Deep: Craft simple or complex rhythmic echoes with Recirculate
  • Flexible Delay Behaviors: Choose from Standard, Pitch Warp, Ping Pong, and Granular delay modes for creative versatility.
  • Sync with Precision: Quickly align your echoes with note values, steps, or milliseconds for perfect timing.
  • Shape Your Sound: Mold your echoes with high and low cut filters featuring morphable shape controls.
  • Transient Designer: Keep or remove transients in your echoes, ensuring rhythmic precision without clutter.
  • Dynamic Mastery: In-built Compressor, Ducker, and Gate offer advanced control over echo dynamics.
  • Character Section: Delve into 28 unique character and noise combinations for a distinct echo personality.
  • Ethereal Reverb: Enrich your echoes with a sublime reverb, perfect for creating diffuse repeats or lush tails.
  • Soundstage Controls: Utilize Chorus, Spread, XFeed, and Granular Spray to add depth and dimension.
  • Dry FX: Blend Recirculate’s character and tone into the dry path to integrate the delay and elevate the whole performance.

Recirculate is out now. Find Newfangled Audio on Instagram.

MSRP: $99 // 50% off intro special (30 days): $49

Crossgrade: additional 40% off for owners of at least 1 Newfangled Audio OR Eventide plugin.

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Author Eric Brünjes
23rd January, 2024