NGHTMRE + SLANDER Extend Gud Vibrations Bomber Jackets Sale For 24 Hours

Every fan wants to be the best at repping their favorite artists, whether it’s buying tickets to intimate shows, reposting their music, or just stanning them in public. You could also go the route buying up exclusive merch to show your fan colors no matter where you go, and the more limited run the better.

It has been almost a year since NGHTMRE + SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations released a limited amount their ficial members only bomber jackets for purchase. The demand for these has been extremely high and fans have continuously reached out to ask for them.

Yesterday, they released a limited 24 hour-only sale.

Today at 12pm PST, they’re extending the sale for an additional 24 hours but ONLY while supplies last! There is a limited number available in each size.

You can find all info on product details, price, etc. here.