Nick Cannon Responds To Azealia Banks' Accusation Of Mistreatment On "Wild'n Out"

put the cast members Wild'n Out on blast after her appearance on the show. As , Banks alleged that cast members sabotaged her by making "colorist" remarks, and by really lowballing her. For the record, Wild'n Out is a sketch comedy show, known to dip below levels political correctness, ten times veering on the side  crude and easy jokes, for which is directly responsible as the show's host and creator.

Banks first made her feelings known in the above post, then resorted to the Instagram Story feature for additional commentary, adding: "If I were to make fun Nick Cannon for having lupus and being weak and sickly....If I made a joke that said he'd be dead by the end the year....Then Azealia Banks is the bad guy.... right?" 

Inevitably word got around to Nick Cannon that she'd referenced him by name. He then chose to enliven her post on his own page with a not so well intended message, in which he referenced a familiar proverb: "creating storms without an umbrella." Nick Cannon closed his message by mocking her mental illness and by fering prayers for a "speedy recovery."