Night Tales return with lush new joint ‘Want’ featuring Kimono

Having recently thrilled us with joints such as ‘ and ‘ as well as a stirring remix The Endorphins’, , Night Tales continue a rich vein form with ‘Want’.

Kamaliza and Third Floor, who comprise Night Tales, are steadily winning over fans with their desirable late-night groovers. Their style is situated somewhere between that English Electronic duo, Honne and Australian legends, Rufus, albeit with a more vibrant house sound. Their latest release features prominent vocal support from fellow Sydney-sider Nat Conway, aka Kimono, with the lyrics reflecting on the harsh challenges relationships.

“At the forefront what we do is human emotion” they write. “We’re inspired by everyday life, particularly personal relationships. People are at the core what we do.”

’Want’ is an extremely personal and special song for us. It embodies all the emotions a strained relationship, which we have all experience at some point in our life’s. The push and pull, the regret, the fond memories and all the broken promises.’’

The lads set out to create a body music that would “encapsulate that experience and give people the courage to say “I still want you”.

Night Tales latest single is out Majestic Casual Records as 4thMay. Check out the track below and get ready for ‘Want‘ to hit you right in the feels.