NTS Radio explores São Paulo’s baile funk scene on new compilation

A new compilation from NTS Radio is set to spotlight São Paulo's baile funk scene.

Spanning 22 tracks, 'funk.BR - São Paulo' focuses on the sound which is based around a strand of funk called mandelão. It also covers its related sub-genres such as ritmado and bruxaria.

Among the Brazilian acts featured are MC GW, DJ Arana, DJ Blakes and DJ K, who put out an LP on Nyege Nyege Tapes last year. That record, 'PÂNICO NO SUBMUNDO', was spotlighted by BADSISTA here on DJ Mag as part of her contribution to our Selections feature series.

'funk.BR - São Paulo' is curated by music journalists Jonathan Kim and Felipe Maia. It will be released on 29th March.

Listen to three tracks from the forthcoming compilation below.

'funk.BR - São Paulo' follows on from previous NTS-released music scene compilations covering amapiano, cumbiaton and dungeon synth.