Oberheim announces its most affordable poly synth yet

Oberhiem has announced a new poly synth at Superbooth 2024 called the TEO-5, which the legendary synth company says is “compact and affordable”.

The new unit features five voices of truly analogue polyphony, and is a cutdown size compared to the company’s other poly synths like the OB-6.

Oberheim’s reputation for quality analogue continues on the TEO-5 with a fully analogue signal path including two oscillators that can be set to saw, square, triangle or noise. It also includes the famous SEM filter. The TEO-5 also includes more modern features like through-zero FM and various effects like chorus, delay, and reverb. There's also a software editor for more advanced DAW control.

Oberheim is famous for its warm, rich pads and bass sounds, and its classic OB-X is heard on everything from Prince’s ‘1999’ to Van Halen’s ‘Jump’. Its product line is usually expensive, with their current flagship synth — the OB6 — costing £2,899. The TEO-5 retails at £1,499. Though still likely at the top end of most budgets, Tom Oberheim, the company’s founder and synth legend in his own right, said he’s “so proud to be able to make a synth like this... compact and affordable, the Oberheim sound for 2024.”

Find out more about the TEO-5 on the Oberheim website, or watch the video below.