OFFAIAH Releases ‘Headspace’

OFFAIAH returns with a new remix of Mistier’s track ‘Headspace’ via Mistier Music.

OFFAIAH, the British DJ and producer, has unveiled a dance remix of Mistier’s ‘Headspace’, distributed via Mistier Music. This release adds to OFFAIAH’s body of work and highlights his continuing impact on electronic music.

OFFAIAH’s musical journey began in the UK, where he immersed himself in various genres from a young age. Over the years, he has honed his skills and developed a style that blends influences from his diverse musical background with a passion for electronic music.

Collaborations with artists like Eli Brown and Layton Giordani followed, pushing him into new areas. These tracks have now amassed a total of over 200 million streams.

Beyond the studio, OFFAIAH’s live performances have left a lasting impression on audiences. From commanding sets at iconic venues like The Brooklyn Mirage to captivating performances at festivals like Splash House and Printworks London, OFFAIAH’s stage show is sought after.

His latest remix of ‘Headspace’ adds another layer to the evolving narrative of his career. Featuring a dynamic bassline, intricate rhythms, and compelling vocals, OFFAIAH’s interpretation demonstrates his ability to craft immersive sonic experiences that resonate with listeners.

‘Headspace (OFFAIAH Remix)’ is poised to capture the attention of electronic music enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into OFFAIAH’s evolving artistic journey. Fans can stay updated on his upcoming projects and performances through his active presence on social media. In an industry defined by change, OFFAIAH continues to leave his mark on electronic music, embodying its enduring legacy of innovation and creativity.

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Headspace (OFFAIAH Remix) is out now.

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23rd February, 2024