Okeechobee Residents Fight To Keep 2020 Festival From Overlapping With Local Events

According to various sources close with the situation, Okeechobee Music Festival has been bought by Insomniac Events and will return in 2020 to Florida. This is cause for celebration for many dedicated festival-goers who fell in love with the event; unfortunately, not everyone is equally ecstatic.

The Okeechobee County Cattlemen’s Association has called upon its members to attend the Okeechobee Board County Commissioner’s meeting tomorrow, Thursday, June 27. According to OCCA, Insomniac will attempt to petition BOCC to allow them to hold their event the same weekend as the Speckled Perch Festival and our Spring PRCA Rodeo, which has been held “on the 2nd weekend in March] for over 50 years.”

OCCA is not looking to cancel the festival, only ensure that it doesn’t interfere with their previously scheduled event. Many Okeechobee Festival goers flooded the comments in support.

“We don’t want to ruin your rodeo and festival either so we’d be happy to see all the events coordinated to separate weekends,” one person said.

“As an avid attendee Okeechobee music festival I would like the people the town to know that we are not your enemy,” said another. “I hope the festival organizers can see the importance this and everyone can come to an agreement.”

“As a festival goer I do not want to interfere with y’all’s big events the year. I hope we can all work this out together,” yet another said.

The meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10am local time.

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Posted by Okeechobee County Cattlemen's Association on Monday, June 24, 2019


Photo Eric Allen Photo for Okeechobee