Ookay, Elohim and Flux Pavilion‘s “Be OK” Is the Dance-Pop Track of the Summer

From the toe-tapping saxophone melody of "Not Again" to the pop-infused flavor of "Weekends," Ookay has found himself in the thick of his forthcoming sophomore album's release cycle. Now he's back again with "Be OK," a dream team collaboration with Elohim and Flux Pavilion.

And while some may call three a crowd, this killer combination is anything but. 

Released July 16th, "Be OK" is the best of three worlds. It seamlessly pulls together Ookay's happy-go-lucky groove, Elohim's honest songwriting and Flux Pavilion's bouncy bass breaks for a dance-pop banger bound for sunny summer days. 

Conceptualized during a 2019 session between Ookay and Flux Pavilion, the optimism of "Be OK" dates back to 2019—a whole different era when it comes to dark moments. Elohim in particular felt the pressure of the last year: "I didn't even want to get out of the depression. It was almost like I felt safe in self-loathing and living in that hole," she told EDM.com. "The one thing that got me out of it was making music." 

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Ookay, Elohim and Flux Pavilion‘s "Be OK" Is the Dance-Pop Track of the Summer

Featuring funky sound design and bright bass tones, "Be OK" is the fourth single to be released ahead of Ookay's sophomore album.

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Elohim received the instrumental for "Be OK" earlier this year, and the rest is history. "I immediately started chanting 'I just wanna be okay' and it felt perfect, she continued. “I sent [Ookay] a voice note and he was like, 'Holy shit this is it.' And that’s the magic in music-making really.”

"Got so much love for Ookay and his growth as an artist. It's a real pleasure to work on something together," Flux Pavilion added. "Elohim smashed the vocal out of the park too. A great record."


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