Pax Japonica Groove Releases Electrifying House Single “Untouchable”

The Japanese project, Pax Japonica Groove, has dropped a brand new electrifying single entitled, “Untouchable.” PJG is known for their massive and complex beats, vivid synths, and lively club tunes. And their latest release lives right up to their name!  “Untouchable” sounds adventurous. The single is full of energy and sets on one great kicking bass line. “Untouchable” opens with the delicate piano. As the song goes on, it continues to transform into the occasional breakbeat kick pattern. PJG always blends melodious riffs with tender vocals, and this time, they also based the whole vibe on an acoustic melody that is layered with autotune and electro sparkle.    Follow Pax Japonica Groove on their Instagram, and have a listen to “Untouchable” below: