Peg Luke Delivers a Timeless Christmas Message in “O Come”

peg luke o come

Renowned for her emotional depth and spiritual resonance, Peg Luke presents her latest masterpiece, "O Come," from her holiday album Sleep, Baby Jesus: A Peg Luke Christmas. This rendition of the classic hymn is a heartfelt expression of Luke's musical versatility and her connection to the spiritual essence of Christmas.

"O Come" showcases Peg Luke's melodious voice and skillful instrumentation, breathing new life into this timeless hymn. The song begins with "O come, O come, Emmanuel," immediately setting a tone of anticipation and reverence. The chorus, "Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel, Shall come to thee, O Israel," is performed with joy and celebration, inviting listeners to partake in the jubilation of the season.

"O Come" is part of her mission to convey God's message and evoke sentiments of the eternal bond between humanity and the divine. The track is a spiritual journey, part of Luke's 2023 Christmas collection, crafted in collaboration with Grammy-award-winning producer Neal Merrick Blackwood and virtuoso Lucas Sader. "O Come" is a reflection of Luke's lifelong passion for music and her desire to create works that resonate with the soul.

As a versatile artist, Peg Luke continues to mesmerize audiences with her exceptional talent and captivating stage presence. "O Come" is a beautiful addition to her already impressive body of work, further cementing her position as a distinguished artist in the realms of spiritual and classical music.

Sneak a listen to the new beat here: