Police Searching for Two Men Who Sexually Assaulted Woman At Festival

Police are searching for two men accused dragging a woman behind a toilet block at the TRNSMT festival in Glasgow and sexually assaulting her.

According to reports, “The 32-year-old woman was grabbed by a man as she made her way to toilets believed to be near the main stage at around 10pm on Friday. He pulled her round behind the block where another man sexually assaulted her. The pair ran f after three men who were passing by shouted at them.”

The two suspects are both described as white, 6ft tall, medium build and with dark hair. One was wearing a black T-shirt with a small logo on the front and the other a white T-shirt with black writing.

Detective Sergeant Euan Keil said: “The woman was making her way to the toilets when she was grabbed by one man and pulled to the rear the toilet block where another man sexually assaulted her.