Premiere: Amselysen ‘Misery (feat. Ubu Boi)’

Premiere: Amselysen ‘Misery (feat. Ubu Boi)’

Amselysen will release a new album, ‘Organe Solaire’, via Prague’s Genot Centre label this month. Listen to ‘Misery (feat. Ubu Boi)’ below. 

The Montréal-based producer’s second release for the label is an intriguing 12-track collection of wild vocal mutations and electro-acoustic experiments, in which sung and spoken fragments are twisted into altered states, at points glitchy and abrasive, at others tender and intoxicating. The surprising twists and turns taken by the artist’s vocal work is mirrored by the album’s collage-like compositions, which harness distortion, percussion, synthesis and melody in a feverish, yet painterly, fashion. Veering from fractured hyperpop into deconstructed club oddness and ambience, this album is a restless and rewarding experience that will delight fans of the Orange Milk catalogue and the stranger corners of Oneohtrix Point Never’s discography.

Speaking about the release, Amselysen said: “Organe Solaire strays from conceptual music and goes on dissecting and splaying a dark but colourful sludge of emotions. A major point source in my compositional approach to the record has been imagining the trajectory of hyperpop if it evolved with a more pessimistic tendency, with the same bells and whistles, but less shiny and squeaky clean — like the rainbow reflections of tar bubbles.”

The album features additional vocal contributions from Ubu Boi and 2x|n, the former of whom appears on ‘Misery’. 

‘Organe Solaire’ will be released on 23rd October. Pre-order it here