Premiere: Doctor Jeep ‘Prisma De Luz’

Premiere: Doctor Jeep ‘Prisma De Luz’

Bogotá, Colombia’s TraTraTrax label celebrates its 10th release this month with the ‘no pare, sigue sigue’ compilation. Listen to Doctor Jeep’s ‘Prisma De Luz’ below. 

After a year that saw the label, run by Nyksan, DJ Lomalinda and Verraco, release five EPs including Nick Léon’s ubiquitous summer scorcher ‘Xstatis’, it rounds things off with a 16-track collection of futurist club music featuring established and emerging artists from Latin America and its diaspora. 

Encompassing “cumbia, industrial dembow, tribal techno, raptor house, breaks, funk, weightless hardgroove” and more, the comp features tracks from Nick León & Luca Durán, Loris, DNGDNGDNG x Prisma, Bitter Babe, Nicola Cruz, DJ Babatr, Verraco, DJ Babatr, Lila Tirando a Violeta x Sin Maldita, Safety Trance (aka Cardopusher) and more. 

NYC-based Doctor Jeep’s ‘Prisma De Luz' – prism of light – is a high-def headrush, capturing his hard-to-pin-down fusion of drum & bass, electro and UK funky with dizzying flourishes of technicolor sound design – it's like getting chucked into a cartoon vortex round the back of Acme studios. 

Writing about the release, the label said"Don't stop, go on and on and on, cause there is no end or beginning. There is no single tag that covers what we are doing. And don't worry, there is no need to understand it either."

The artwork and visual assets for the compilation have been designed by the London-based artist Weirdcore who is known best for their work with Aphex Twin. Check out three selected tracks from the album below via Bandcamp. 

‘no pare, sigue sigue’ will be released on 18th November. Pre-order it here.