Premiere: Facta ‘Brain Drain’

Facta will return to his Wisdom Teeth label later this week with a new EP, ‘So is the sun’. Have an exclusive first listen to ‘Brain Drain’ below.

On his first solo outing in over a year, following 2023’s ‘Emeline’ EP for Incienso, the London-based producer and DJ continues to shrug off rhythmic expectations in favour of his own colourful and organic approach to club music. Out 5th June, ‘So is the sun’ takes in four playful, pared-down cuts with reference points in early ’00s minimal house and the space-age synthwork of DBX and S-Max.

According to press material, the tracks took shape slowly over the space of a year, aided by regular club play from the Wisdom Teeth crew and a “clutch of trusted DJs” who road tested the tunes at various demo stages. As a result, the final mixes are as rhythmically intrepid as they are dancefloor-ready, from the bright funky lurch of lead single ‘A X I S’, with its bumping drums and minor-key arps, to the lusciously loose-limbed ‘Brain Drain’ (our pick of the bunch). For those who can’t get enough, the 12” version is loaded with two bonus cuts, including an ‘A X I S’ acapella.

In February, Wisdom Teeth (run by Facta alongside childhood friend K-LONEcompiled 14 tracks in the 150-170 BPM range for a new compilation celebrating its 10th year. Leif, Yushh, RAMZi, EhuaMaya QPurelink, Cousin and LUXE were among the contributors, with the label bosses also lending solo tracks.

‘So is the sun’ is out 5th July via Wisdom Teeth. Pre-order the EP here, and have an exclusive first listen to ‘Brain Drain’ below.

Last year, Eoin Murray spoke to Facta and K-LONE about their label’s sonic evolution over a decade for DJ Mag’s The Sound Of interview and mix series.