Premiere: K-LONE ‘Give It Up’

K-Lone will release the first instalment of his new double EP project on Aus Music next month. Have an exclusive first listen to the lead single ‘Give It Up’ below.

Coming off the back of releases for Vitamin D Records, High Praise and Wisdom Teeth (which he runs alongside childhood friend Facta), Brighton-based K-Lone returns in a haze of simmering UKG and blissed-out house on ‘Catching Wild Part 1’. Pitched somewhere between the dancefloor-facing sounds of his recent ‘On The Down Low’ EP with Wilfy D and the more pared-back electronica of his March single, ‘Water Palace’, the four-track suite comes loaded with bubbling rhythms, playful autonomic percussion and K-Lone’s trademark tinkering electronic warmth.

A springy bass melody is deployed over a kick-heavy house groove on Part 1 opener, ‘Give It Up’, which maintains its understated clubby pulse even as glowing pads and aqueous FX are swirled into the mix. Out today (24th April), the cut introduces the bright interdimensional club sounds you can expect from the rest of the EP, which will be taking over dancefloors from 17th May.

Pre-order ‘Catching Wild EP Pt.1’ here, and have an exclusive first listen to ‘Give It Up’ below.

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