Premiere: KAVARI ‘skee feat. klahrk’

Liverpool-born, Aberdeen-based producer KAVARI has released a new EP via MELD. 

Titled ‘if the benign was to ever be so pure’, the five-track EP is out today, and is an exhilarating fusion of warped electronic sound design and propulsive club energy. From the woozy ambient clouds of ‘aya garden ***’ and ‘yearn’ to the broken techno beats and ice cold synths of ‘essence remains’ and ‘glass comb’, this is an intoxicating collection that marks KAVARI out as an artist to watch in the coming year. 

‘skee feat. klahrk’ sounds like a mirrorball shattering in slow motion: an explosion of breakbeats, accented by sharp bursts of light and glimmering colour. Check it out below via our soundcloud. 

Buy or stream ‘if the benign was to ever be so pure’ here.