Premiere: Maara ‘Take the Wheel Miss Sweetie’

Premiere: Maara ‘Take the Wheel Miss Sweetie’

Maara will release a new EP, ‘Spiral 2 the Other Side’, via London label X-Kalay this Friday, 1st July. Listen to ‘Take the Wheel Miss Sweetie’ below.

The Montréal DJ and producer, whose tripped-out, proggy take on techno, electro and downtempo has already graced labels such as NAFF and Radiant Love, serves up four cuts of psychedelic music for the dancefloor on this new outing. From the title tracks’ mood-building rave mantra, bolstered by a bassy groove, to the high-speed electro rumble of closer ‘Doom Quest’, the mood across this release is warped and wild. As the third track title, ‘Forget The World’, would suggest, these tracks channel the hedonistic energy of ‘90s rave scenes;the sort of euphoria you find yourself totally lost in. 

‘Take the Wheel Miss Sweetie’ is a vintage prog techno thumper; all cosmic swooshes and swirling chimes, and trance inducing in the purest sense. 

Pre-order ‘Spiral 2 the Other Side’ here

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