Premiere: Nene H ‘Unbroken Flow Of Words And Tears’

Kyiv, Ukraine club, ∄,will launch its multidisciplinary label and platform, Standard Deviation, this month. 

The label will debut with a split EP from local artist Poly Chain and Turkish DJ/producer Nene H, and promises to be “an open hub that helps to elevate emerging artists, hosts studio spaces and organizes events and exhibitions at ∄.

“Embodied in the label’s philosophy and understanding is the approach of an ever-changing rhizomatic identity, constantly creating new narratives along its way, encouraging artists to try themselves in challenging existing formats.”

The four track EP finds both artists fusing hard-hitting, dusty techno with searing electro energy. You can hear the opening track, Nene H’s ‘Unbroken Flow Of Words And Tears’ below. 

STDEV001 is out on 25th September. Pre-order it here

You can learn about ∄ here.