Premiere: Nine Raths ‘Clarendon’

Premiere: Nine Raths ‘Clarendon’

Belfast-based duo Nine Raths will release their second EP this month. Listen to ‘Clarendon’ below. 

With a view to exploring the nature of modern Irish identity,  the project from Ryan Burrowes and Adam Smith (both members of jazz-punk band Robocobra Quartet) blends their extensive collection of field recordings captured within the rural Irish landscape with elements of jungle, footwork, IDM and ambient music. 

Speaking about the idea behind the project, Burrowes said: “There are ready-made identities driven into us from birth, especially in the North. We feel more connected to the people and culture of Ireland than the UK even though we both come from backgrounds which don’t generally share that viewpoint, so we feel we exist outside those two identities. The same goes for the music, we always seem to find ourselves in between genres, never in the same place and constantly changing, always refining the sounds to represent our current selves and allowing it to evolve and change as we do as people."

The resulting music is cinematic in scope, marrying Squarepusher-esque elasticity with the emotional register of Bicep and the high-def rave punch of Overmono. ‘Clarendon’ is a climactic closer, moving from huge bass drones and skittering IDM beats into a rushing jungle pay-off and back again, with no expenses spared on euphoria. 

‘EP2’ will be released on 16th November. Pre-order it here