Premiere: Ranma Entero ‘Jusenkyo’

Premiere: Ranma Entero ‘Jusenkyo’

Ranma Entero will release a new EP, ‘Xalli’, via the WVWV label this month. Listen to the opening track, ‘Jusenkyo’, below. 

The Mexico City-based producer’s solo debut for the label comes just over a year after he co-founded it May 2021. Since then, the imprint has released five EPs and two compilations showcasing cutting edge Mexican club music with an emphasis on experimental bass, breakbeat, juke and electro sounds. 

Entero’s six track debut is a six-track demonstration of psychedelic broken beat, with liquid-like flourishes of bass and sparkling melodies conjuring visions of an alien world. The EP was written mostly in 2020 while Entero was living in Xalapa, Veracruz with fellow WVWV affiliated artists such as DJ Fucci, 1OO1O, Un Dileman and Octoptic.

“Xalli is the cause of this effect,” said Entero of the release. “Containing a reference to your roots, an allusion to Saramago, a valuable collaboration (with 10010), an homage, an expression and a closure of a stage in life.” 

‘Xalli’ will be released on 31st August. Pre-order it here.