Premiere: Sha Sha Kimbo ‘Limited Perfect’

Los Angeles DJ, producer and Planet Bliss Records founder Sha Sha Kimbo will release her new EP via John Frusciante and Aura T-09’s Evar Records this month. 

‘Total Chaos’ offers three cuts of pure rave ferocity, erupting with rabid breaks and classic hardcore sonics, while alien bass growls and howling synths pull its vintage feel straight into the future. The EP also features three remixes from Lyzza, Machinegirl and LCY

Below you can hear ‘Limited Perfect’, a euphoric rave anthem carried on a massive breakbeat; it dips into a blissed-out spoken sample from Phantasia’s early ‘90s rave anthem ‘Inner Light’ (“I am not afraid. I feel one with the universe!”), before blasting off into a scorching acid climax. 

The ‘Total Chaos’ EP will be released digitally and on cassette on 13th August. You can pre-order it here