Premiere: SHE Spells Doom ‘Bossano’

Premiere: SHE Spells Doom ‘Bossano’

SHE Spells Doom will release a new EP, ‘Bossano’, via All Centre this week. Listen to the title track below. 

The Zambian producer returns with his second EP for the label, its first vinyl release. The three-track outing presents the artist’s percussive club music at its best, alchemising elements of UK funky with bass-heavy techno and hip-hop, culminating in a distinctive, dancefloor-tuned package. 

The prolific producer released the ‘Rudnik’ EP via All Centre last year, as well as appearing on the label’s second anniversary compilation 2020. As we wrote in our Emerging Artists profile of the artist last year, SHE Spells Doom has developed his sound patiently over the past decade. Subtle influences of ’80s sci-fi and horror (a result of his parents running a video rental store when he was a kid) merge with the hefty gloss of ’00s hip-hop and the percussive energy of African dance music, all woven together through a tapestry of house and techno. 

Having developed a love for club-focused music while living in Geneva, the producer and DJ, who began his musical journey as a rapper, has developed a distinct, hyperkinetic style that blends buoyant melodies with hard-hitting beats.

‘Bossano’ is out tomorrow, 4th November. Pre-order it here