[PREMIERE] Showtek & Gammer Team Up On Wild New "EDM Sucks" Collaboration

Showtek and Gammer isn’t a duo I ever thought would fit on a collaboration, but 2019 is quickly proving to be a glitch in the matrix kind year, and there are a lot things I never thought would happen popping up. That being said, this combination absolutely fits, and “EDM Sucks” is a hilariously high quality take at main stage tropes.

The shock value in the vocal samples on the single isn’t by mistake either. Showtek says it’s always a goal in their music, “either by collaborating with artists people don’t expect us to work with, using different sounds or trying something completely new.” No doubt they’ve achieved that effect here.

“All we need is a cheesy singalong gimmick and a super generic, predictable halftime drop that every DJ wants to play. Are you ready?”

Of course the track title is a joke, and even though the song makes fun itself, it still absolutely bangs. It’s the perfect 2014-style throwback tune that’s fit for the main stage but still packs a kick.

Gammer says the single, “We needed to take the time to make fun all the ‘seriousness’ that this industry has lately possessed and just go back to making music that feels right.”

Check out “EDM Sucks” below!