Prodigious Producer Illangelo Unveils New EP Under Electronic Music Alias, Joy Odyssey

Prolific contemporary music producer Illangelo has officially made his foray into electronic dance music.

Illangelo, who has amassed over 25 billion streams across his catalog, has produced music for the likes of Drake, Post Malone, Alicia Keys, Grimes and many more while operating as one of the leading creative forces behind a slew of The Weeknd’s chart-topping hits over the past decade.

Illangelo unveiled his new electronic music alias, Joy Odyssey, late last year with his debut EP, Feels Like Heaven / Drifting, a mind-bending record combining trap rhythms with ethereal vocals. Now, he's back with his second body of work, moving into a dancefloor-heavy direction with Energy / Divine Perfection.

joy odyssey

Joy Odyssey.

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Prodigious Producer Illangelo Unveils New EP Under Electronic Music Alias, Joy Odyssey

Known for his work alongside the industry’s biggest stars, like Drake, Grimes and The Weeknd, Illangelo is now "looking to push electronic music forward."

The upbeat “Energy” employs quirky, pitched-up vocal samples for a track that's as buoyant as it is intricate. “Divine Perfection,” on the other hand, retains all the key elements that make Joy Odyssey’s productions so addictive—such as hypnotic pads and washed-out delays—while lacing them with distorted basslines and energy reminiscent of the sounds that dominated dance music back in the 80s.

"I’m looking to push electronic music forward,” said Joy Odyssey in a statement. “The songs on this EP represent a world-building vision manifested through positive energy. Sonically they grind, vibrate and pulse, flowing through sweeping movements like orchestral sonatas. These musical movements are contrasted with lyrics that drop like mantras—genuine and compassionate, they are a call to arms for a more perfect, efficacious and sublime reality."

Take a listen to Energy / Divine Perfection below.