Queer underground clubbing around the world explored in new publication, No One Magazine

Queer underground nightlife and club culture around the world it set to be explored in a new print publication. No One Magazine launches next month, with each instalment focusing on a specific place and its scene. 

The first edition centres on Amsterdam, with 12 stories looking at collectives, artists, activities, historians, and advocates actively involved in electronic music and the LGBTQIA+ ecosystem. Pre-orders are now being taken online, shipping from 26th April.

A launch event will also be held in Dutch capital on the same day, with the location to be confirmed in the coming weeks. 

"While our first issue is set in Amsterdam, our next publications will travel beyond Europe. No One’s goal is to enrich nightlife conversations with queer perspectives around the world, showcasing the diversity and interconnectedness of our communities," said Viet and Jeremy Raider-Hoàng, founders of No One Magazine, in a statement shared with DJ Mag. 

No One Magazine aims to cover less publicised and overlooked aspects of queer nightlife, while also striving to protect the history of these communities as major drivers in club culture, dance music, parties and raves. The founders position the title as both a document of what's happening today, and a time capsule honouring the past. 

Earlier this year, Northern Irish DJ Cormac launched a new podcast called Queerly Beloved that dives into queer music history and shares personal stories of key LGBTQIA+ artists. Learn more about that here.