Revenue-sharing initiative for DJs and producers launched by collective of clubs and festivals

Aslice — the platform founded by DVS1 to promote more equitable payments for producers — has partnered with a collection of clubs, promoters and festivals from around the world on a new initiative called Support The Sound. The collective aims to raise awareness of the disparity between rising DJ fees and revenue generated by producers who make the music those DJs play.

The full list of Support The Sound clubs and events at launch is Basement and Wire Festival in New York, Bassiani in Tbilisi, Dekmantel in Amsterdam, Fuse in Brussels, 6AM and Synthetik Minds in Los Angeles, Vault Sessions in Amsterdam, and Womb Tokyo.

The Support The Sound collective seeks to actively emphasise the benefits of DJs submitting set lists to Aslice, along with an agreed percentage of their fee, to be split among the producers whose music they played in their set. For example, if a DJ is paid £10,000,  plays 30 tracks and offers 10% of their fee to Aslice, each producer would receive £33.

Speaking about Support The Sound, DJ and producer DVS1, aka Zak Khutoretsky, said, “Since we launched Aslice in March 2022, we have always emphasised the value of community. Support The Sound plans to embrace a culture of sharing and that resonates deeply with the values of our service. Why wouldn't we support the sound? Our industry would be nothing without the music.”

Aslice was created in 2022 to attempt to counteract the lack of payments made by PROs to producers through missing metadata, lack of reporting, and other fraudulent submissions. In 2019 it was estimated that £100m a year in royalties is lost or not correctly allocated to the producers due that payment.

Find out more about the Support The Sound initiative on their website.