REZZ Teases Remix of i_o and Grimes’ "Violence"

Editor's Note: This article has been updated to include the release date of REZZ's remix of "Violence."

REZZ has found the perfect way to pay tribute to i_o.

Space Mom recently took to Twitter to announce that she has remixed the late techno music producer's single "Violence." Released back in September 2019 alongside renowned artpop artist Grimes, the track was a breakthrough for i_o, who tragically passed away just over a year later. Check out REZZ's announcement and teaser below.

Following the news of i_o's sudden and shocking death, Grimes shared a devastating reaction on Twitter and paid homage to the blossoming producer, who she called "Lord of Techno." "It was SUCH an honor to know you. I feel crazy uncontrollably anxious and sick," she wrote at the time. "I know this is touching ppl in music hard, around if any1 needs to talk. Rest In Peace Lord of Techno."

REZZ replied to the tweet, writing that "Violence" was "one of [her] favourite pieces of music that was put out last year" and dubbing it "a repeat song." REZZ's remix of "Violence" will officially drop on January 1st, 2021.