Rich DietZ  Return With Rapid-Fire Bass House Jam “Sheesh”

Rich DietZ continue to bring their hard-hitting brand of house music to the forefront with voluminous basslines and engaging vocals on their latest single "Sheesh."

Since 2019, the red-hot duo have reeled in an audience captivated by their entertaining brand of meme-based humor, but kept them along for the ride with the proliferation of their party-starting productions.

Cover art for Rich DietZ's song "Sheesh."

Cover art for Rich DietZ's song "Sheesh."

Similar qualities continue to manifest on "Sheesh," the duo's latest rhythmically dynamic bass house offering. The record spares no time with pleasantries, immediately launching into a pumping house cadence, as an anticipatory riser builds tension before arriving at the apex. With a simple vocal introduction, "Ladies and gents, sheesh," the track breaks down into a rapid-fire thump of quick-hitting kicks and revving synths fit for getting the footwork going.

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Rich DietZ - Sheesh (YT - NW)

Rich DietZ Return With Rapid-Fire Bass House Jam "Sheesh"

Rich DietZ let their quick wit and hard-hitting basslines show on "Sheesh."

Rich DietZ injected some much-needed levity into the monotony of quarantine last year with the seductive "Only Fans Song" and the satirical bars of "Jedi Sh!t," two high-energy tracks also fit for the festival grounds in the age of social media virality.

Check out "Sheesh" below and find the track on streaming platforms here.