RL Grime’s Hit “Core” Gets A Hype New Remix for 2019

RL Grime’s “Core” is over five years old now and is still one the best trap tunes ever released. But what if it wasn’t trap? What if instead it was produced as drum n bass? Flite answers that question masterfully with a new remix.

Part the beauty “Core” is in the malleability its parts. Of course the sum is a treat in its own right, but between the vocal sample, the synth melody, and the bass, each part can easily be taken and re-tooled — it’s why so many remixes it have already been done. But to Flite’s credit, this is one the best drum n bass remixes we’ve heard yet.

It’s so good that it’s already been supported by Andy C at EDC Orlando this past weekend. And if it’s good enough for Andy, it’s good enough for everyone else. Check it out the Flite remix “Core” UKF below.


Photo OHDAGYO.com