Rob Swire Shares 30-Second WIP Clip — Could It Be New Pendulum?

It’s rare enough that we get any WIP (work in progress) clips from Rob Swire, frontman for Pendulum and half Knife Party. It’s even rarer still that we hear one with his vocals, yet that’s exactly what he posted earlier this morning.

A new Pendulum album has been rumored for quite some time, and it was revealed there’s plenty new material already “ready to go” since at least last February. The sound the WIP Swire shared this morning fits way more in with a Pendulum single than a Knife Party one, so for the time being, we’re putting the cart before the horse and betting we might finally hear some new Pendulum music soon.

No one would be blamed for pumping the brakes and adding a healthy dose skepticism to that theory, but with 2020 already getting a rocky start, what’s wrong with a little bit harmless hope?

Either way, you can check out the 30-second WIP below.