Roger Sanchez, Louise Chen, Kimmy K discuss the current state of dance music with BUDX

In this episode of Mixmag's On Rotation podcast we'll explore the current state of Ibiza, the unique perspective of DJing after starting out as a promoter and take a look at how following your dreams can lead to a DJ career.

While spending the weekend at Tomorrowland in Belgium, we connected with a host of DJs at The Brew District presented by BUDX. Roger Sanchez, Louise Chen and Kimmy K stopped by to chat about their opinions on the dance music industry as well as the inspiring stories of their own careers.

House legend Roger Sanchez explored how he's been living in Ibiza and what he's seen change on the island over the years, both positively and negatively. Then Louise Chen touches on her passion for the human element in dance music and what it's been like embracing the pressure as a touring DJ after being a promoter. Finally, Kimmy K shares her unique story of how she followed her passion to pursue dance music and how South Africa is brimming with exciting talent.

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