Roger Sanchez Talks About His Upcoming elrow Performance In NYC & More [Interview]

Grammy winner and Ibiza staple Roger “S-man” Sanchez will be making his worldwide elrow debut and playing an unmissable house classics sunset set July 27th at elrow: Rowllywood at the Brooklyn Mirage in New York City. Ahead the massive event which will be the hottest house show in NYC this summer, we got the chance to talk with the S-Man about his upcoming set, his newest track & a bit more in this exclusive interview. Check it out below!
EDM Sauce: Being a New York native, and NYC house music icon, making your worldwide elrow debut in Brooklyn has to be awesome. Could you tell me a bit about how it came about and how cool it is being in NYC for your elrow debut?
Roger Sanchez: Actually, a little known fact is that I played the first EVER elrow show in Barcelona many years ago when they first started the concept. I have been playing for the family that owns El Row for many years in Spain and they have asked me to play a House Classics set for this edition El Row in NY. I'm excited to be a part it
EDM Sauce: You will be playing a classic house set during sunset for your elrow performance. Can you give us a track or two that you may sprinkle into your set?
Roger Sanchez: I'll definitely be playing my classic “Another Chance” and “Sum Sigh Say” from House Of Gypsies(Todd Terry) for sure!
EDM Sauce: Your newest single ‘Scorpion (The Ghetto)' just got itself a few remixes by Mele & Javi Bora. What about those remixes stuck out for you that made you want to pick these as the ficial remixes?
Roger Sanchez: I love the approach each them have – Mele's tribal drums are close to my own Latin rhythms and Javi Bora put in serious driving energy into his remix. Both are ace!
EDM Sauce: Where & what can we expect to hear from Roger Sanchez for the rest the summer?
Roger Sanchez: I'm playing in Ibiza at Glitterbox and Defected, all over Europe and also in Fire Island and a boat cruise around NY.