Rolling Stones Legend Mick Jagger’s Workout Playlist Includes Daft Punk, Disclosure, Fatboy Slim

Who knew Mick Jagger got down like this?

For those of you too young to remember the time before social media giants destroyed our ability to regulate dopamine and when rock & roll was considered a real music genre in the eyes of the major awards ceremonies, there was a little British band called The Rolling Stones who released a couple successful albums. By successful, we of course mean some of the most influential music in the history of recorded audio. 

The band's frontman, Mick Jagger, is continuing to share his talents with the world at the age of 80. If we tried to show electronic dance music to 80-year-olds, we'd probably be met with bitterness and demands to turn off that noise. The rock & roll icon, on the other hand, is not your typical senior citizen.

Jagger has now shared a new playlist titled "Music That Moves Me" featuring the songs that motivate him to work harder in the gym. Fans of electronic music should be delighted to see that even old-school rockers agree that our beloved genre is some of the best to enhance movement. Included on his 23-song playlist are tracks from Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, Benny Benassi and The Chemical Brothers, alongside newer dance music favorites like Disclosure and Alok.

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"Sometimes I like to exercise in silence, other times I like to be in the gym with Mozart - but most of the time I enjoy exercising to music like this," Jagger said.

Check out Mick Jagger's "Music That Moves Me" playlist below via Apple Music.