Rukes Puts Together A GoFundMe For His Parents: Please Consider Donating

Hi Everyone,

I have never used EDM Sauce to advertise a GoFundMe. Today I have decided to change this trend because a man who has been selfless to our site has reached out for help. We publish thousands articles each year, and on every article, we need to feature a photo. We have a team talented photographers who have helped capture images many artists, but they have not been able to continually get up to date images every artist that we write about.

Only one individual lets us use his photo's free charge, with only a credit. That man is Rukes. For this reason, I would like to share the GoFundMe he put together for his parents. I ask that you consider donating.

Rukes' parents were in a terrible car wreck which left both them badly banged up. In particular, his father received serious injuries which have caused medical bills to start to pile up. Below you can find the link to the GoFundMe page with additional information on their story and how to donate.

Thanks for your time and consideration in this, we appreciate all Rukes has done for us, and this is the least we can do for him.

Much love everyone,

Erik Mahal,
Editor In Chief