Rusko Previews 12 New Songs in Genre-Bending Demo Dump

Even though Rusko fans are still trying to contain themselves after the release of his fantastic four-track EP last month, the dubstep icon decided to stoke the flames even more over the weekend.

On Sunday, November 1st, Rusko previewed 12 unreleased songs on Instagram. Sharing a series of Story posts with his fans, he offered up the chance to experience a rare plethora of new sounds from an electronic music icon. Check out the video below, which contains all of the previews he uploaded.

Continuing on the trend from his last EP, Rusko showcases his diverse production abilities with a mixture of both familiar and unexpected sounds. Fans of both his classic and newer styles will easily find something to enjoy amongst the twelve songs. While the vast majority of the tunes are displayed as solo offerings, towards the end of the video, you'll find an unreleased collaboration with Ducky.

At the time of this article's publishing, Rusko has not revealed when any of the 12 songs will see an official release.