Sam Blacky Heats Up With Sultry Latin House Track, “Move Like That”

Coming in hot is surging house music producer Sam Blacky, whose new single, Move Like That," is out now via Tom & Collins' Terms & Conditions label.

The track follows Blacky's single from August, "Colombiana," showcasing her affinity for combining Latin-inspired sounds with house music.

​​"This single was inspired once again by my love for Latin dance music, and that’s why we wanted to go with Terms & Conditions. I have known Tom & Collins for many years, so to finally come together on a project is the only thing that made sense for this track," Blacky said in a statement.

Inspired by Blacky's global travels, "Move Like That" is a dancefloor heater infused with exotic sound design. Starting off with a steady four-on-the-floor beat and an earworm of a refrain, the arrangement leads into an intense and hypnotic rhythm interspersed with seductive trumpet riffs.

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Sam Blacky Heats Up With Sultry Latin House Track, "Move Like That"

Blacky remains red-hot with "Move Like That," her second single in as many months.

Take a listen to “Move Like That” below. 

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