Sam Gellaitry Debuts New Pop Sound in “Duo” Music Video: Watch

Sam Gellaitry has come a long way since making trap and house beats in his Stirling bedroom.

In his first-ever music video for his newest tune “Duo,” the renowned Scottish electronic artist shows off his own vocals and debuts his new pop sound. Released on the legendary Parlophone imprint, the single arrives ahead of his forthcoming EP due later this year.

Funky guitar licks, groovy percussion, and bright synths flawlessly harmonize with Gellaitry’s catchy vocals, which tell a bitter tale of a romantic interest that took him for granted. The music video is glitchy and colorful, perhaps nodding to his synesthesia, a neurological condition that allows him to see music as colors.

Gellaitry comes from a family of musicians. His father plays the bagpipe in classic Scottish tradition and his older brother introduced him to electronic music and happy hardcore at a young age.

Since his rise to fame on SoundCloud, Gellaitry has consistently bridged the gap between different genres of electronic music and pushed the boundaries of dance music. It’s no different with “Duo,” where he is steering pop in a refreshing direction.