“Savannah Red” is Nigerian-American Singer Lékan Tella’s Brand New Hit (Official Music Video)

“Savannah Red” is the title of Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Lékan Tella’s brand new hit, a striking follow-up to his critically acclaimed debut release, “Emptiness.” For all those who love some retro tones, straight from the best of 80’s pop and 90’s R&B, this is your lucky day, as you can witness the birth of a modern icon whose voice will undeniably remind you of Marvin Gaye’s, named by Motown president Gordy Berry the “Prince of Soul”. Everything about Tella is inspiring, from his subtle taste for visual storytelling as for his unmatchable sonic and vocal capacity to bring his own world right through your ears as he hits the first note. 

Disco, funky, and groovy, “Savannah Red” is a rock-solid track that will help Lékan Tella mark the listeners’ mind forever.