Selections: Eddington Again

Eddington Again’s debut album, ‘Naomi9’ on !K7, was named DJ Mag’s album of the month in December 2023. In his review, Paul Clarke documented the evolution of the Berlin-via-LA vocalist and producer’s sound over the years, through their earliest explorations in psychedelic hip-hop as part of the Oddience trio, to their debut solo mixtape, which found them freestyling over beats that sampled the likes of Nujabes and Oneohtrix Point Never, all the way to their increasingly experimental ‘Damani’ EP series. It set a strong precedent, but as Clarke noted, “even Nostradamus and an AI supercomputer would’ve been unlikely to predict quite how good Eddington Again’s first solo full-length would be.”

He wasn’t wrong. ‘Naomi9’ is properly wonderful: a 12-track collection that finds them flexing their songwriting skills with deft fusions of shoegazey pop, luminous rap and skittering dance music, all bolstered by reflective lyricism and gorgeous vocals. Real tears in the club material. Berlin itself clearly made an impression too, with Boys Noize adding some extra dancefloor heft to ‘Cake Code’.

Most recently, their single ‘Petrify’ was remixed by Airynore, who transforms the tune from a velvety drum & bass rumination into a digitised alt-rock-meets-avant-pop hybrid. This flair for stylistic fusion and experimentation is reflected in Eddington Again’s Selections, in which they spotlight adventurous pop gems packed with emotion and playful experimentation. Dive in below.